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The threat of a hurricane and the damage it can cause to your business should not be taken lightly. Prior to hurricane season (June to November) it is important to establish or review your Emergency Action Plan. Proper preparation and action steps can help reduce damage to your business and home dramatically, and protect against potential loss of life dramatically.

World Electric Supply is here to help you prepare before, during and after a Hurricane.


Get Prepared

Typically there is plenty of warning before a hurricane strikes. As such, there are several things you can do to prepare for the storm. Having emergency supplies on hand including rainsuits, generators, and first aid kits is important for safety.  An emergency plan should be reviewed with all employees.  Everyone should be familiar with your city's evacuation plan and nearby shelter locations.  Consider storing important records offsite. If possible, consider adding window protection like plywood. Before evacuating, be sure to turn off and unplug all electrical equipment.


After the storm, it is time to assess the damage. Power may be out in your area so having a battery or crank-operated radio close by is a good idea for emergencies. Also, having extra batteries or portable chargers may come in handy for charging cell phones. Check for gas leaks and look over your electrical system.  Make sure all electronics dry before turning them on. If there is flooding, do not go in the water. Flood water may lead to illness or injury.


After the storm, it is time to get the office back to normal as quickly as possible. Mold growth is a serious concern after a hurricane. Make sure to dry out the building and all of its contents. To prevent illness, disinfect anything that became wet. Protect yourself and your employees from hazardous materials during clean-up by wearing protective clothing. Make sure to have bottled water available as utilities may not be immediately restored.