Lutron Electronics RA-SBT-CHR System Bridge and Time Clock

Manufacturer: Lutron | Catalog # RA-SBT-CHR | World Electric Part # 542

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RADIORA CHRONOS System bridge and timeclock can serve as the main communication hub of up to two RADIORA systems. Devices in a RADIORA system communicate with the CHRONOS via radio frequency (RF). Each CHRONOS supports up to 64 RADIORA lighting zone controls and 24 RADIORA master controls. Built-in astronomical timeclock. RS-232 port for serial communication to other systems. Three contact closure inputs for interfacing to other systems. Graphical LCD with user friendly menus for system setup and diagnostics. Durable membrane touchpad for user interface. Main repeater functions. Manages one or two systems. Provides a unique house code to eliminate interference by neighboring systems. Works with a network of repeaters for increased system reliability. Covers 2500 square feet of living space.

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Lutron Electronics

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