At World Electric Supply we are pleased to present to you our new and updated line card and product selection guide. Please take a few moments to browse through, and note that as diligent as we may be to include all vendors and product lines that we carry, some may be omitted as our market changes daily and new products enter the market, while obsolete ones exit.

As a one-stop, full-line solutions provider to our industry, we offer the products, services, and expertise that allow you to lower your material acquisition costs, and at the same time support your sustainability goals. We start by helping you to choose the right product and technology that will keep your facility operating as efficiently as possible for years to come. In this publication, we've assembled a comprehensive listing of our everyday products as well as products and services that support the environment and your bottom line. We can help you achieve immediate and long-term cost savings and environmental benefits from doing the right thing: making eco-friendly choices whenever possible, like the products and services you will find in the following pages. Furthermore, World Electric Supply is committed to an ongoing partnership with our strategic suppliers to continue sourcing products that provide the latest technology for even more sustainable options in the future.

Our associates are ready to assist you with all of your electrical needs. We have offerings from energy management and building products to facility maintenance and safety products. Whatever your objectives, we are prepared to identify suitable solutions to help you operate a more environmentally-sustainable facility, with reduced operating costs.

As our commitment to "conserve, preserve, and pass it on" grows, we hope yours does as well, and we will continue to support you, our valued customers, in every way we can.

Click to download our Linecard (PDF- 14.3 MB)