Key Points

  • Provides a central platform for procurement of recycling services for lamps, ballasts, batteries and electronic waste
  • Provides Management, Measurement and Marketing capabilities
  • Provides customer with a continuously updated spreadsheet of all recycling efforts by individual property or entire portfolio
  • Customers can reference individual properties or entire portfolios at the click of a mouse to view recycling at any moment.
  • Site provides a platform for environmental messaging with presentations 24/7
  • The Bulb-Eater - This solution is not available anywhere else.
  • Site includes state by state regulations

1) Easy Pak

One price includes everything you need, the container, shipping to the recycling center, recycling fees, and certificates of recycling. EasyPakTM containers make it easy to recycle and comply with today's changing regulations. Small shipments are shipped through pre-paid FedEx Ground transportation services. Easy to follow instructions, complete with illustrations, in both English and Spanish. Minimize storage - when it's full, ship it, it's pre-paid!

2) Bulb Eater

Standard and Premium Bulb Eater® provides emission control to help create the safest work environment possible, while packaging spent straight and u-shaped fluorescent lamps. Includes a system designed to filter both dust and mercury vapor.

Machine Benefits:

  • Eliminate storage hassles
  • Reduce Handling
  • Safer work environment
  • Cut costs
  • Nationwide recycling program


"The Bulb Eater® has greatly reduced the administrative costs associated with preparing intact used fluorescent light bulbs for shipment. In addition, we not only save money in disposal costs but also have increased valuable storage space. As a result, The Bulb Eater® has made many of our employees' jobs much easier."

Lindsey Schueller
McDermott Technology Inc

"The Bulb Eater® has been tremendous. It has cut my expenses by $15,000 a year and now I'm spending virtually nothing for recycling."

Paul Lewis
UnumProvident Insurance

3) Pick Up Recycling Services (use some of the pictures on the Blueway site for the services)

  1. Intact Lamps
  2. Crushed Lamps
  3. Ballast
  4. Battery
  5. Electronics

Recycling services and transportation available throughout the United States to help Sonepar facilities properly recycle the above. These wastes are palletized and shrink wrapped prior to pick-up.

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